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Illustrating the Long Tail. The author's' views are entirely his or her own excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis and may not always reflect the views of Moz. The long tail of search demand has been around since the dawn of web search and, since that time, search marketers have been attempting to tap into the powerful stream that high quantities of unique content can provide.
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Advertising Social Media Content Marketing Management Semrush Trends Agency Growth Kit. Semrush Integrations Popular Articles and FAQs Subscriptions Billing and Account Semrush Data Metrics API Semrush App Center Extra Tools Contact our Customer Support team. Keyword Magic Tool. What are long tail keywords? What are long tail keywords? SEO and PPC professionals classify keywords into three main buckets based on their popularity and specificity; the head, the body, and the long" tail" of the graph below that measures search volume and conversion rate of keywords.
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In addition to sharing our weekly eTips across the social networks, you can subscribe to these essential weekly marketing tips to keep you informed of emerging trends from print and PR to mobile and digital! Long tail keywords: a smart SEM strategy.
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Previously, I have discussed how to use Semrush for keyword research and how to use Semrush for finding long tail keywords from competitor websites, be sure to read these two articles to understand why we recommend semrush for organic research and seo.
Long-Tail Keywords: What They Really Are How to Use Them.
Understanding keyword hierarchy. Googles Search algorithm stopped matching keywords long ago. Now, it analyzes topics and entities among many other factors. So an effective way to rank on the first page of Google is to build your content marketing strategy around topic clusters. Topic clusters are groups of related keywords organized into a hierarchy of blog posts, content clusters, and categories. Topic clusters are critical to digital marketing because they help you reach your target audience at each stage of the funnel. They also support your SEO strategy by amplifying your websites topical authority and boosting your right to rank. Heres how all the pieces fit together from the top down. Categories are very broad, high-level themes. Topic clusters are groups of topics within a category. Head terms are blog posts that address a specific subtopic within a cluster. Long-tail keywords are related keywords that support a head term. The graphic below illustrates how long-tail searches usually fit into the topic cluster framework. SEO benefits of long-tail keywords. Even though searchers rarely use specific long-tail keywords, they can still play a role in your SEO strategy. Individually, low volume keyword variations dont drive much traffic.
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As we mentioned before, the free version of Keywords Everywhere doesnt give you access to search volume data. However, it can come in handy if you want to look up long-tail keywords without having to use complex tools such as SEMRush or Keyword Planner. Additionally, the premium version is 100 pay-as-you-go, so you arent locked into any plan. You can purchase 100,000, credits for just $10. One credit lets you look up the data for one long-tail keyword. Google Trends is not precisely what youd call a long-tail keyword generator. However, if you know how to use the tool, youll realize its a powerful way to find keyword suggestions based on what people are looking for with Google. Once you have the data, all you have to do is focus on the long-tail searches, and youre golden. For example, heres what comes up if you look for 'womens' running shoes using Google Trends.: Unlike regular long-tail keyword generators, Google Trends can show you data about interest over time. This means you can predict when to launch your new long-tail keyword strategy, based on interest surrounding your original search term.
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SEO requires caring about your users and solving their problems. This is why smart long-tail keyword use helps you with search engine results, not hurts you. To maximize your use of keywords, focus on two to three keywords, and dont stuff them into your content. Write the Content. Your content is there to help your visitors answer questions and solve problems, and keywords firmly take a back seat to this. Having done significant research, make sure youre using your longtail keywords to demonstrate your content matches user intent. If youre creating content matching user intent, you should be able to incorporate longtail keywords naturally. Naturally is the crucial element here. Some marketers look at one keyword per 200 words as a good benchmark, but quality is far more important than quantity. For a 2,000-word, article, I generally aim to use my keyword 10-20 times-but its not a hard and fast rule. With some articles, frequent use of both standard and longtail keywords flows naturally; for others, you wont use them as much. As long as your content is good and your context is clear, you usually dont need to panic if your keyword only shows up less often.
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5 Step Strategy for Identifying Keywords to Generate 132 Visitors Per Article Each. 3 low competition keyword s that can get your site ranking in Google. Our exact posting sequence to scale sites to 50k page visitors. Join the FREE Training. Our Trusted Clients. Our Recent Blogs. How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing. Long Tail Pro Team April 21, 2022 No Comments. I Cant Log In to Long Tail University. March 30, 2022 No Comments. Unable To Export Keywords and Competition Analysis. March 30, 2022 No Comments. 1 2 3 Next. Are you ready to get keyword ranking reports delivered to your inbox? Log In Find the Best Long Tail Keywords To Rank Higher In Google. Discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for almost any niche. Keyword Competitiveness with a Single Number. With Long Tail Pro, simply utilize the built-in Keyword Competitiveness KC metric and automatically calculate a simple 0-100 score using LTPs proprietary algorithm that is consistently being tested and tweaked. The KC Score brings relevant ranking metrics together into one easy number which lets you know what to target. The Top Keyword Research Competitor Analysis Software.
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The phrase long tail is a visual metaphor for the shape of a distribution graph. Say we were to create a graph of web-wide keyword popularity, a few words and phrases Facebook, sex, Justin Bieber would rack up an enormous number of searches. But heres the surprising part: those keyword search terms, the head of the dragon, in reality account for a surprisingly small percentage of all searches, about ten to fifteen percent, depending on how you measure. Another fifteen to twenty percent of searches come from mid-length keywords, meaning that roughly seventy percent of page views are the direct result of - thats right - long-tailed keywords.
What are Long Tail Keywords? And How to Find Them.
For example, the keyword how to get more YouTube subscribers only gets around 3k monthly searches. Even if my post got 100 of the clicks from people searching for that term which is impossible, that post would only increase my traffic by 3k visitors per month MAX. And in reality, I probably only get 500-700 clicks per month from that keyword. So to make this approach worthwhile, Id need to bang out dozens or even hundreds of articles optimized around long tail terms. Option 2: Sprinkle Long Tail Keywords Into Your Content. Your other option is to optimize your page around a short tail or Medium tail keyword. Then, incorporate long tail keywords into your content. For example, I recently published this list of my favorite free SEO tools. Obviously, I used on-page SEO to optimize my page around my main keyword: free SEO tools. But I also sprinkled in long tail keyword phrases into my content.
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How to find long-tail keywords: 5 easy methods. Finding long-tail keywords with WebFX. You May Also Like. Resources by Industry. How to Improve Your SEO Keyword Targeting with Motion Charts. How to Identify Quality Keywords. What Keywords Should I Use? Guide to Finding the Best SEO Keywords. Your Guide to How to Search for SEO Keywords. How Competitor Keyword Analysis Can Improve Your SEO. How Many Keywords Should You Target? How to Do Keyword Research: The SEO Keyword Research Guide. 3 Ways to Find Related Keywords and Improve Your SEO Strategy While Doing It. What Are Keywords for SEO? SEO Audit Services. The Best SEO Company for Your Business: WebFX. Ecommerce SEO Services. B2B SEO Agency. Custom SEO Reporting Services. Monthly SEO Services. Long Tail SEO Keywords for Medical Practices.
Top 12 Tools For Finding Long-Tail Keywords in 2022.
Ubersuggest's' keyword suggestions are based on Google SERPs and Google Ads data. The SERP analysis feature gives an overview of the top 100 sites that rank for a term, and the keyword overview shows search volume data over the last 12 months. It's' free to use Ubersuggest with limited results, but you can take advantage of a free trial to see if the advanced features included with the subscription price are worth it. LongTailPro is an all-in-one SEO tool that has come a long way from the keyword-research desktop application it once was. It's' especially useful for finding long-tail, high cost-per-click CPC keywords for your paid ad campaigns.

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