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long tail search terms definition
Why You Should Use Long Tail Keywords for SEO - Spiralytics.
With the growing competition around core keywords that every SEO practitioner wants to target, there seems to be a need to come up with more creative solutions to stay on top of your game. Long-tail keywords have been used by experts offering SEO services for a while now, and it still works. If used correctly, it can be a compelling way to take advantage of high-intent search traffic. What are Long Tail Keywords? Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are three or more words long and very specific as they are more focused on a niche. For example, if you sell kids sneakers, your primary keyword would be kids sneakers. However, there will be other relevant phrases that you can target effectively here. These longer tail keywords may have lower search volume but rest assured that search intent will be clearer. Why Makes Long-Tail Keywords Valuable? Long-tail keywords are much easier to rank than short-tail keywords because of the relatively low competition. They also account for 70 of all web searches, so if youre not focusing on them in your strategy, youre missing out on massive opportunities to drive quality traffic.
long tail search terms definition
Long-tail Keywords: What They Are and How to Get Search Traffic From Them.
But as you address more and more of them, the search traffic will eventually compound to something pretty substantial. And since there are lots of long-tail keywords in pretty much every industry, youre unlikely to suffer from a shortage of them. Back to my example of best website builder for __ keywords. A search in Ahrefs Keywords Explorer returns over a thousand of them.: How to find long-tail keywords. Theres a number of methods you can use to find long-tail keywords. Some are more tedious than others, some are a tad unconventional, and some are just plain incorrect. Lets start with an incorrect one. Use Google Autosuggest NOT. Some SEO experts advise you to source long-tail keywords from Google Autosuggest by entering your target keyword followed by different letters of the alphabet. Well, Google Autosuggest is a feature designed to give you quick access to popular search queries.
Long-Tail Keywords: How to Find and Use Them for SEO.
Data from: free backlink checker. Long-tail keywords are the underdog of SEO. No one wants to use them because of low search volumes, but they do pack a powerful punch. With the right approach, long-tail keywords can help you bypass strong competition, win featured snippets, and deliver not just traffic, but actual paying customers. Here is how. What are long-tail keywords? How common are long-tail keywords? Why use long-tail keywords? How to find long-tail keywords? How to optimize your pages for long-tail keywords? What are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are longer search phrases typically, three or more words with highly specific search intent. Because these keywords are more unique, they have lower search volumes. Because these keywords are more targeted, they have higher conversion rates. Short-tail keywords are shorter search phrases under three words with broader search intent. Because these keywords are more generic, they tend to have higher search volumes and lower conversion rates. Of course, the length of the search phrase is just a rule of thumb. In reality, long-tail keywords are named this way not because they are long, but because they come from the long tail of the search volume curve.:
Short-Tail vs Long-Tail Keywords -
Click To Tweet. Create a scenario, such as finding a service or product relevant to your business, and ask your friends what search terms they would use. Try it, youll get some surprising and worthwhile results! Should You Still Target Short-Tail Keywords? While short-tail keywords are usually extremely competitive, this does not mean that you shouldnt target them as well. After all, it is still likely that most the traffic to your website coming from the search engines will come from short queries. Although the most valuable traffic i.e: visitors who ultimately become customers is usually more likely to come from long-tail keyword searches, short-tail keywords are still important for driving traffic to your website and raising brand awareness. Let us know your experiences with short-tail vs long-tail keywords. How do you come up with long-tail keywords for your website? Have you had great success with targeting the short-tail instead?
Long-Tail Keywords Defined: Why They're' Valuable - Portent.
I have been optimizing websites for many years and have used long tail keywords all of this time with great success. by using a long tail keyword it is more likely that a searcher will find the product they want sooner, therefore they are more likely to buy EG using Sock as a keywords is very competitive and not overly helpful in directing to the right sock- using just 2 words sports socks will bring better results and more sales - after all if a searcher enters sports socks into google there is a strong likely hood they will be looking to buy some sports socks. January 30, 2011 at 2:26: pm. This post helped me a lot and Ill keep it in my loop. April 29, 2012 at 11:38: am. Thanks for making it nice and clear, I actually sell socks so its very relevant to me lol. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Small Business Solutions. Digital Marketing Guides. Working at Portent. Back to top level of menu. Digital Marketing Services. Small Business Solutions. Digital Marketing Guides. PPC Advertising Explained. Guide to SEO.
Back to basics: What does 'long-tail' keyword really mean?
Where it all began. The Long Tail concept first gained notoriety when it was introduced to the masses by Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail: Why the future of business is selling less of more. Its a common SEO practice to target keyword phrases with more words because theyre typically easier to rank for and bring targeted traffic with specific intentions. Keyword phrases with fewer words generally are more competitive and the intent is splintered. You probably think thats why theyre long-tailed because they have more words in the phrase. Typically phrases that have lower search volume tend to have more words. As a result, this definition became skewed over time, and people began correlating long-tail with the number of words used in the phrase rather than the search volume. Lets look closer at the search demand curve. According to the Search Demand Curve, illustrated below, 70 percent of all searches performed online consist of long-tail keywords. That means popular search terms that most businesses mistakenly focus on, only account for approximately 30 percent of total web searches.
What are Long Tail Keywords? Complete Guide with Examples.
Long-tail keywords Examples. What are the benefits of targeting long tail keywords? How to find long tail keywords. How to use long tail keywords in your content. What Are Long Tail Keywords? Long tail keywords are search queries usually consisting of three or more words that narrow down the focus of the search results and bring up more specific results. Long tail keywords are also often lower difficulty and lower volume. To understand this better, lets also define head keywords. A head keyword is usually a high traffic, high difficulty term that constitutes an entire topic. While theyre searched for often, theyre not always 100 specific to what youre promoting with your content. Long Tail Keywords Examples. I know that beginners to SEO may have trouble understanding what exactly long tail keywords are, so let me demonstrate this with a real example. Lets take the keyword SEO. This is a very popular keyword and according to SEMRUSH it has more than 110,000, exact keyword searches per month. Long Tail Keyword Research Example.
Long-tail keywords: why they deserve your focus! Yoast.
With the emergence of the internet, possible target audiences became quite large, even if the product is only wanted by a very small percentage of the people. The wideness of the internet makes your niche product profitable and the ranking on long-tail keywords important. Looking for keyphrase suggestions? When youve set a focus keyword in Yoast SEO, you can click on 'Get' related keyphrases and our SEMrush integration will help you find high-performing keyphrases! A long-tail keyword strategy can really help you out when theres a lot of competition in your market. Or a lot of competition for the main keywords you want to rank for. That being said, most companies or blogs can benefit from this strategy as it helps you attract visitors with a very specific search intent. Here, Ill explain what long-tail keywords are and how an understanding of your mission and product can help you set up a long-tail keyword strategy. What are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are more specific and less common than other keywords. They focus more on a niche. The term long-tail keyword comes from the book The Long Tail by Chris Anderson see aside.
What Are Long Tail Keywords and How to Find Them.
As you can see, the amount of one-word keyword phrases are very few and highly competitive due to their high search volume. When looking at the right side of the graph the orange line that looks a like a dinosaurs tail, those represent the more descriptive phrases. It is known that long tail keywords account for 70 of all web searches. This means that you can identify a much larger number of keywords that are much less competitive. So even though the chances of your pages to be seen are lower due to the lower amount of monthly searches, the probability of a visitor converting is very high due to the specific nature of the query. For example, someone entering a one-word phrase like 'pizza, will probably get an array of results to choose from, ranging from the definition and history of pizza to big brands like Pizza Hut.
Long Tail Keywords - The Unbounce Conversion Marketing Glossary.
While long tail keywords are less popular individually, they cumulatively form the majority of search queries. Long tail keywords are more specific; visitors that land on your website from a long tail search term are more qualified. - HubSpot PPC.
Long-Tail Keywords: What They Really Are How to Use Them.
Understanding keyword hierarchy. Googles Search algorithm stopped matching keywords long ago. Now, it analyzes topics and entities among many other factors. So an effective way to rank on the first page of Google is to build your content marketing strategy around topic clusters. Topic clusters are groups of related keywords organized into a hierarchy of blog posts, content clusters, and categories. Topic clusters are critical to digital marketing because they help you reach your target audience at each stage of the funnel. They also support your SEO strategy by amplifying your websites topical authority and boosting your right to rank. Heres how all the pieces fit together from the top down. Categories are very broad, high-level themes. Topic clusters are groups of topics within a category. Head terms are blog posts that address a specific subtopic within a cluster. Long-tail keywords are related keywords that support a head term. The graphic below illustrates how long-tail searches usually fit into the topic cluster framework. SEO benefits of long-tail keywords. Even though searchers rarely use specific long-tail keywords, they can still play a role in your SEO strategy. Individually, low volume keyword variations dont drive much traffic.
Long-Tail Keywords Rank on Google Blue Water Marketing.
People using the terms of your mission and finding your website will be relatively small in volume, but these people do have the highest chances to buy your product or to become regular visitors and increase your conversion rate. Create Awesome Content. Once you have completed your keyword research and you know which keywords you would like to rank for. When you find long-tail keywords, you can then start to create content. Creating content can be quite challenging. A benefit of doing keyword search is knowing topics that you can create content around. Knowing what people are searching for and how they are searching for will help create standout content. Want to learn how to do this for your own site? Or better yet, have someone do this for you? The team at Blue Water Marketing can help with creating a marketing plan and content creation plan that includes long-tail keywords. Contact us today to see how we can help you rank higher on Google SERP. Subscribe to our newsletter. Dont miss new updates on your email. Most Recent Video. Tips To Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate: How to Test Effectiveness.

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