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So my advice is to look at the keyword targeting to spot that opportunity. If you see that none of the 10 pages actually includes all the keywords, or only one of them seems to actually serve the searcher intent for these long tail keywords, you've' probably found yourself a great long tail SEO opportunity. Large-scale, untargeted long tail SEO. This is very, very different in approach. It's' going to be for a different kind of website, different application. We are not targeting specific terms and phrases that we've' identified. We're' instead saying, You" know what? We want to have a big content strategy to own all types of long tail searches in a particular niche" That could be educational content.
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Use this information to help you identify topics that your personas will want to see at each stage of their journey. Leverage your own query research via search engines by typing a simple search into the search bar and see what keywords autofill into long tail keywords. These keywords are what users are searching for and you should optimize for them. You can see to the right that we typed best" seo" into Google. Long tail keywords autofilled to show us what users are most often looking for when it comes to best" seo." Use keyword technology, like the BrightEdge Data Cube, to identify the relevant keywords that you can best rank for that also have high traffic rates. Monitor your success with your keywords, looking closely at your traffic and engagement rates. This will tell you how many people you are attracting and how well your content is answering the need of their query. Long-tail keywords are valuable tools for those looking to optimize their content and attract more relevant visitors. The better you are able to better understand your users, the better you will be able to meet their needs and bring in new customers for your organization.
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Long-tail keywords are an overlooked and under-utilized way to easily reach the top of Google and Bings search results and improve your conversion rates while at it. Invest time in creating a list of relevant and useful long-tail phrases, targeting those keywords, and improving your other metrics such as shipping and customer service, and youll be reaping the rewards later. Join 50,000, merchants that receive the latest eCommerce and DTC insights straight to their inbox. You might also like. Peak Season prep: 4 capabilities to look for when choosing a Returns Management Solution.
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With the emergence of the internet, possible target audiences became quite large, even if the product is only wanted by a very small percentage of the people. The wideness of the internet makes your niche product profitable and the ranking on long-tail keywords important. Looking for keyphrase suggestions? When youve set a focus keyword in Yoast SEO, you can click on 'Get' related keyphrases and our SEMrush integration will help you find high-performing keyphrases! A long-tail keyword strategy can really help you out when theres a lot of competition in your market. Or a lot of competition for the main keywords you want to rank for. That being said, most companies or blogs can benefit from this strategy as it helps you attract visitors with a very specific search intent. Here, Ill explain what long-tail keywords are and how an understanding of your mission and product can help you set up a long-tail keyword strategy. What are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are more specific and less common than other keywords. They focus more on a niche. The term long-tail keyword comes from the book The Long Tail by Chris Anderson see aside.
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Download our recently updated Premium Member Resource - Successful SEO Guide. This guide is one of our most popular and rightly so. If you get it right, SEO can be a fantastic, relatively low-cost way to drive quality visitors who want to do business with you to your site. Access the Successful SEO guide. So why spend resources on finding long-tail keywords that will only drive a small portion of traffic, I hear you ask? Why not just focus on main short-tail keywords and drive heaps of traffic right away? The number one reason for targeting long tail keywords, especially for start-up companies, is that they generate faster results and are more cost-effective. You can spend years and resources trying to rank for 'men' shoes but you can rank for 'blue' soft sports shoes for men in just a few weeks. Long tail keywords are less popular, have lower search volume and are less competitive, making it a desirable focus for an SEO strategy.
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Help you gain higher rankings in search engine results. Maximize your visibility to qualified leads. Unearth content ideas that your target audience wants. Help you save thousands of dollars from broad keywords that wont lead to conversions. Dont just read about long tail keywords - go out there and dig for them yourself. If you want, you can take advantage of Long Tail Pros 7-day free trial and find long tail keywords today. How to Use a Long Tail Keyword Strategy to Drive More Targeted Traffic.
Long tail keywords: Why they matter so much in content strategy.
Website Terms of Use. SEO Long tail keywords: Why they matter so much in content strategy. Long tail keywords: Why they matter so much in content strategy. They might not be as sexy" as ranking for short tail keywords but they convert better.
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However, there will be other relevant phrases that you can target effectively here. These longer tail keywords may have lower search volume but rest assured that search intent will be clearer. Why Makes Long-Tail Keywords Valuable? Long-tail keywords are much easier to rank than short-tail keywords because of the relatively low competition. They also account for 70 of all web searches, so if youre not focusing on them in your strategy, youre missing out on massive opportunities to drive quality traffic. Better conversion rate. Long-tail keywords have better conversion rates because people who use them know more about what they want. For example, when a person searches for kids sneakers online, that person is more likely to purchase immediately as opposed to a person who searches for kids sneakers. Increases the chance of your content being seen. Whenever someone searches for a long-tail keyword, the results of modern Google searches are far more personalized according to their location, age, sex, interests, etc. That means two users entering the same search term may see different results. Long tail keywords can help optimize your website for different categories of searchers because theyre more specific.
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Understanding keyword hierarchy. Googles Search algorithm stopped matching keywords long ago. Now, it analyzes topics and entities among many other factors. So an effective way to rank on the first page of Google is to build your content marketing strategy around topic clusters. Topic clusters are groups of related keywords organized into a hierarchy of blog posts, content clusters, and categories. Topic clusters are critical to digital marketing because they help you reach your target audience at each stage of the funnel. They also support your SEO strategy by amplifying your websites topical authority and boosting your right to rank. Heres how all the pieces fit together from the top down. Categories are very broad, high-level themes. Topic clusters are groups of topics within a category. Head terms are blog posts that address a specific subtopic within a cluster. Long-tail keywords are related keywords that support a head term. The graphic below illustrates how long-tail searches usually fit into the topic cluster framework. SEO benefits of long-tail keywords. Even though searchers rarely use specific long-tail keywords, they can still play a role in your SEO strategy. Individually, low volume keyword variations dont drive much traffic.
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Lower cost per conversion from long-tail keywords than those in the head. In most keyword markets and therefore search marketing campaigns, adding the volume of traffic in the long tail and comparing that to the volume of traffic in the head almost always reveals that theres much more traffic in the former. Its just spread across dozens or often hundreds of search queries or keywords. Lets talk SEO. 7 reasons to target long-tail keywords. Targeted correctly, long-tail keywords have a plethora of benefits for your SEO strategy.
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But as you address more and more of them, the search traffic will eventually compound to something pretty substantial. And since there are lots of long-tail keywords in pretty much every industry, youre unlikely to suffer from a shortage of them. Back to my example of best website builder for __ keywords. A search in Ahrefs Keywords Explorer returns over a thousand of them.: How to find long-tail keywords. Theres a number of methods you can use to find long-tail keywords. Some are more tedious than others, some are a tad unconventional, and some are just plain incorrect. Lets start with an incorrect one. Use Google Autosuggest NOT. Some SEO experts advise you to source long-tail keywords from Google Autosuggest by entering your target keyword followed by different letters of the alphabet. Well, Google Autosuggest is a feature designed to give you quick access to popular search queries.
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When you factor in the high cost of ranking well for a generic term like law firm, and the relative ease of ranking well for a long tail phrase, it makes good sense for most businesses to focus on long tail search terms. In terms of the new reality vs. the old reality when it comes to keyword strategy, this table lays it out. How Do I Create And Implement My New Keyword Strategy? There are many keyword research tools and even more ways to implement your new natural language keyword strategy. Covering this in depth is a topic for another post, but one short answer is that the best long tail SEO strategy dovetails with an effective content marketing strategy.

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