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Long-Tail Keywords: How to Find and Use Them for SEO.
No one wants to use them because of low search volumes, but they do pack a powerful punch. With the right approach, long-tail keywords can help you bypass strong competition, win featured snippets, and deliver not just traffic, but actual paying customers. Here is how. What are long-tail keywords? How common are long-tail keywords? Why use long-tail keywords? How to find long-tail keywords? How to optimize your pages for long-tail keywords? What are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are longer search phrases typically, three or more words with highly specific search intent. Because these keywords are more unique, they have lower search volumes. Because these keywords are more targeted, they have higher conversion rates. Short-tail keywords are shorter search phrases under three words with broader search intent. Because these keywords are more generic, they tend to have higher search volumes and lower conversion rates. Of course, the length of the search phrase is just a rule of thumb. In reality, long-tail keywords are named this way not because they are long, but because they come from the long tail of the search volume curve.:
long tail phrases
Long Tail Keyword Example Guide BrightEdge.
Long tail keyword example. Depending on the topics your site creates content around and how many pages you have, you will want to collect a pretty large relevant list of long tail keywords that you can use throughout your site. It's' not realistic, or SEO-healthy, for you to optimize your site for the same keywords on every page, therefore you'll' need a running list of great keywords. If you're' a local brand looking for local foot traffic, adding near" me" to your long tail keywords is a good practice. For example, long tail keywords including organic" coffee shops near me" or buy" Guiana chestnut plant near me" are both good examples of when a user is at the final stages of their buyer journey searching via long tail queries.
Short-Tail vs Long-Tail Keywords -
How do you come up with long-tail keywords for your website? Have you had great success with targeting the short-tail instead? Wed love to know! 8 thoughts on Short-Tail vs Long-Tail Keywords. Maria Davies says.: January 9, 2015 at 9:04: am. From my experience long-tail keywords are much easier to rank for and bring much more targeted audience. Would strongly recommend this free tool to get long-tail keywords from Google Autocomplete in bulk January 26, 2015 at 3:03: pm. would be just great for longtail keywords which is believed to rank higher. Another tool to experiment on is - the questions only option might interest you. Shiva Teja says.: July 27, 2015 at 5:08: pm. Hello Barry, its kinda obvious that by using long tail keywords, we get more CTR, less bounce rate etc. But its quiet difficult to create relevant ads for each individual long tail keyword, as their number is huge. I had compiled more points regarding long tail keywords with respect to 8 ROI metrics in my latest blog. let me know what you think. Pingback: Niche Marketing: Discover Your Perfect Business Niche -
Long-tail keywords: why they deserve your focus! Yoast.
Examples of long tail keywords. As you can see in the examples below, a long-tail keyword doesnt need to have a specific length, and it doesnt need to include your head keyword. That being said, long-tail keywords often contain around 3 - 5 words, and in many cases they do include the head keyword too. Head keyword Long tail keywords. Nike Air Max One. Nike sustainability policy. vintage Nike shoes. How digital marketing works. Digital marketing user journey. B2B digital marketing services. Wedding flower arrangements. Matching wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Wedding stationery supplies. Link from the tail to the head! If you optimize your blog post for different long-tail variants, you should link from these blog posts to your more 'head' category pages and from these category pages to your most awesome pages: your cornerstone content. Remember: always link from the tail to your head! That way, you show Google what your site structure looks like and which of your pages is most important.
How to Use Long-Tail Keywords to Improve Your WordPress Site's' SEO.
What long-tail keywords are. Keywords are words or phrases you use within your online content to improve its Search Engine Optimization SEO. A strong keyword needs to be a close match to a term someone would type into a search engine. A person looking for advice on their new dog might enter dog care into Google, so thats a keyword you could incorporate into a blog post about the same subject. Dog care is an example of a traditional, short-tail keyword. Its broad enough to apply to many Google searchers. Most short-tail keywords are one or two words long, such as fitness or used cars. Understanding what people search for online is key to getting your content noticed. In contrast, a long-tail keyword is usually three or more words long, often capping out at five or six words. So instead of targeting dog care, your blog post could use the keyword how to care for a dog. Other examples of long-tail keywords might include how to improve my fitness and find used cars nearby.
Long Tail Keywords for Etsy Sellers - What You Need to Know - Marmalead.
This way each of your keywords is scored exactly once. The focus keywords are worth more of your overall grade than tags since those are the ones your listing is targeting more than others. Im hoping all of this is helpful for you and helps but as always, reach out if you have more questions or if theres anything you need cleared up! Reply By Post Author. Jane Thomas says.: August 18, 2022 at 12:37: pm. Im still in a fog on this. Are the king tail keywords part of the description? Drowning in words. Dylan Read says.: September 9, 2022 at 11:02: am. Long tail keywords can be apart of your titles, tags, and your description. Its basically where you put two or more keyword phrases together to create a longer, more specific keyword. So if you sell necklaces for instance, you might use a regular keyword like Gold Necklace in your tags, title, and descriptions. This is a basic keyword that has tons of competition on Etsy, so itll be really tough to rank high in Etsy search.
What are Long Tail Keywords? And How to Find Them.
For example, the keyword how to get more YouTube subscribers only gets around 3k monthly searches. Even if my post got 100 of the clicks from people searching for that term which is impossible, that post would only increase my traffic by 3k visitors per month MAX. And in reality, I probably only get 500-700 clicks per month from that keyword. So to make this approach worthwhile, Id need to bang out dozens or even hundreds of articles optimized around long tail terms. Option 2: Sprinkle Long Tail Keywords Into Your Content. Your other option is to optimize your page around a short tail or Medium tail keyword. Then, incorporate long tail keywords into your content. For example, I recently published this list of my favorite free SEO tools. Obviously, I used on-page SEO to optimize my page around my main keyword: free SEO tools. But I also sprinkled in long tail keyword phrases into my content.
What Are Long-Tail Keywords How to Find Them? Mangools.
50-250: Group similar terms together. 250: Use as a standalone focus keyword. Lets put that into practice and say youve got these keywords with search volumes.: Blogging tips for beginners 10: Merge with similar phrases like how to start a blog and blogging advice.
Long-Tail Keywords: What They Really Are How to Use Them.
Set the period to last 30 days. Add a URL filter for a specific page. Export all keywords to a spreadsheet. Filter ranking positions to show values less than 20. Filter impressions to show a value less than 10. To be clear, the above set of rules will give you a list of long-tail keyword phrases. However, I ignore the last step because I want to see all search terms ranking on the first two pages, not just the low-volume queries. We want to maximize traffic, so it doesnt make sense to ignore terms in the sweet spot of low difficulty and higher volume. On-Page SEO: Big Guide to On-Site Optimization 2022. How to Create an Exceptional SEO Strategy in 2022 23 Steps. Keyword Research for SEO Managers: A High-Level Guide.
Longtail Keywords: How-To, Strategies, Tips.
If theyre clicking to your site from the search engines, chances are theyre finding you through longtail keywords. This free traffic is a huge bonus for your business, and understanding how to integrate longtail keywords better can help you do this. Heres how you can integrate longtail keywords in 2021. What Are Longtail Keywords? Longtail keywords are long, specific queries letting search engines know not just what words searchers want to know about but why they want to know them. For example, longtail keywords is a keyword; what are longtail keywords? is a longtail keyword. When you run your keyword research, its easy to be attracted to the short tail or head keywords. These are the keywords like SEO or keywords, and theyre likely to have a high search volume, attracting the attention of many marketers. Where theres search volume, theres lots of competition. Longtail keywords with slightly less volume tend to be a little easier to rank for.
Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are How to Find Them.
As it turns out, the same thing occurs with keywords that people type into search engines. In fact, the term long tail refers to the tail at the end of a curve. As you can see in the chart above, each individual long-tail keyword has a relatively low search volume especially when compared to head terms. But in aggregate, they actually make up the vast majority of all searches performed on Google. Long-Tail Keyword Examples. Lets quickly take a look at examples of words that dont qualify as long-tail keywords. Here are examples of very broad head terms that arent long-tail keywords.:
Long-tail Keywords: What They Are and How to Get Search Traffic From Them.
There are also keywords five words long or more with hundreds of thousands of monthly searches. So it is not the length of a keyword that makes it a long-tail. Its the search volume of that keyword. What makes long-tail keywords so great? Here are three reasons why you should consider making long-tail keywords an integral part of your SEO strategy. Long-tail keywords are generally a lot less competitive. Lets say youve just launched a blog about cryptocurrencies. There are lots of popular keywords with high search volumes that could potentially drive LOADS of traffic to your blog.:

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