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Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are How to Use Them in 2023.
And because theyre more specific than other keywords, searchers who use them may be more likely to convert make a purchase, fill out a form, contact you, etc. The term long tail refers to the tail at the end of the search demand curve. Check out the search demand curve chart below. Each individual long-tail keyword has a relatively low search volume especially when compared to head terms. But in aggregate, they actually make up the vast majority of all searches performed on Google. Long-Tail Keyword Examples. Lets quickly take a look at examples of words that dont qualify as long-tail keywords. Here are examples of very broad head terms that arent long-tail keywords.: See how these terms are short and not very specific? Long-tail terms tend to be longer and more specific. The non-long-tail terms above also have relatively high search volumes, according to Semrushs Keyword Overview tool.
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January 26, 2015 at 3:03: pm. would be just great for longtail keywords which is believed to rank higher. Another tool to experiment on is - the questions only option might interest you. Shiva Teja says.: July 27, 2015 at 5:08: pm. Hello Barry, its kinda obvious that by using long tail keywords, we get more CTR, less bounce rate etc. But its quiet difficult to create relevant ads for each individual long tail keyword, as their number is huge. I had compiled more points regarding long tail keywords with respect to 8 ROI metrics in my latest blog. let me know what you think. Pingback: Niche Marketing: Discover Your Perfect Business Niche - Pingback: 11 Creative Ways To Get More Pinterest Followers - Pingback: 11 Google Tools to Boost Your Marketing - Pingback: 4 Free Tools to Make Keyword Research a Breeze - Pingback: How to Increase Your LinkedIn Visitor Traffic with Keywords - Comments are closed. What are Meta Tags? Simple Beginners Guide. SSL SEO: HTTPS Benefits for Search.
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Monitor your progress to hone in on winning keywords and get results faster. Backlink Analysis Tool. Track every backlink to maintain link equity and reveal actionable SEO data. Site Audit Tool. Optimize your site health with long-term recommendations. Used By Over 70,000, Marketers. Get First Page Rankings, Organic Site Traffic, and Online Sales. Alan Perlman, UAVCoach. Doubling our results month-over-month has not only helped us to grow our email list and generate revenue through our affiliate partners. Its helped us to transform our mere industry blog into a real, thriving business. Find, target, and rank profitable keywords across each stage of the buyer journey. 160,000, Monthly Visitors 780,000, Organic Visits in Just 18 Months! GET LONGTAIL PRO. Trusted By Industry Leaders. What the Experts Think. It doesnt matter what kind of website you have, LTP will help you to find the best keywords that you can use for your blog to drive more traffic and generate more revenue in whatever methods you choose. Harsh Agrawal, ShoutMeLoud. Im a fan of Long Tail Pro! Its a powerful keyword research tool. a must-have tool for any SEO or Internet Marketer.
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High search volume. Low search volume. High competition in the SERPs. Low competition in the SERPs. Generic search terms. Specific search terms. Less than 2 words. More than 3 words. Low conversion rates. High conversion rates. Here is an example to give you a better picture of what a short and long-tail search would look like.: Lets say someone is looking to buy a new pair of trainers. When they begin their initial online search and they are not really sure what they are looking for, they may type in a generic term, like running trainers, into the search bar. On the other hand, if someone knows what they are looking for, they may use a long-tail keyword which includes more detail, such as long distance running shoes for high arches, which demonstrates a higher level of intent. The level of detail included in the search will determine how relevant the search results will be for the user intent. Depending on the size of your business and your goals, you will want to use either short or long tail keywords, or both.
How to find and use long tail keywords.
Plezi have developed an almost fool-proof method to easily find the right long tail keywords for you. In this post, well tell you how long-tail keywords work and how to use them to increase the visibility of your website. Well also give you some examples of long tail keywords that weve used in our content and which have delivered results. What is SEO long tail. 1.1 A short history of the long tail. These days, we usually talk about the long tail in the context of Search Engine Optimization SEO. But the term originally comes from the world of e-commerce. In 2004, Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of the American magazine Wired, published an article in which he developed the idea of what he called the long tail. Anderson found that e-commerce websites generated most of their revenue by selling relatively small quantities of many different niche products. Most of their turnover comes from these sales and not from selling large quantities of a few popular products. SEO specialists quickly realized the potential of this idea and applied it to internet users search engine queries.
Long-Tail Keyword Strategy: Why How to Target Intent for SEO.
If you dont have a long-tail SEO strategy, youre missing out. Its never been easier to research long-tail keyword opportunities, target low-competition keywords with high conversion rates, and use long-tail keywords to boost your content. This guide will show you how to do just that. What Are Long-Tail Keywords? Long-tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that specifically serve searcher intent. These keywords typically have low search volume, low competition, and high conversion rates. We call these keywords long-tail because if you were to plot your keywords by their search volumes, these would be on the long tail end of the search demand curve, which means few people are searching for these terms each month. However, despite the lack of search volume, long-tail keywords are often easier to rank for and result in higher conversions than seed keywords. This is because long-tail keywords communicate a clear customer need that you can solve - theyre intent-driven. When you understand search intent, you can create content that specifically addresses queries and converts.
What are Long Tail Keywords?
Buy breathable running socks 4 words is an example of a long tail keyword, whereas buy socks is a short tail keyword. There isnt an official cutoff, but marketers generally start counting phrases with 3 or 4 words aslong tail keywords. Highlyspecific phrasesmake up the vast majority of search volume.Thismeans only focusing onhighly popular search terms is a missed opportunity. Bill Trancer put this into perspective in a 2008 post analyzing Hitwise data. Theres so much traffic in the tail it is hard to even comprehend. To illustrate, if search were represented by a tiny lizard with a one-inch head, the tail of that lizard would stretch for 221 miles. The Long Tail. The descriptor long tail is a nod to a concept in statistics that describes adistribution of data which has signifiant results away from the head. In the chart below the head is in green, and the tail is in yellow. Chris Anderson helped popularize the term long tail after writing the book, The Long Tail. Heres how the long tail relates to search engines. Below the, number of words per search is graphed on the x-axis and the volume of searches is graphed on the y-axis.
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Instead of focusing on long tail key phrases just for the fun of it, focus on user intent. On-page keyword usage is still one of the major ranking factors for content, and it cant be ignored in todays SEO. Thats where easy rankings lie. It doesnt matter how competitive a long-tail keyword is; if users are happy after reading your content, watching your video, or listening to your podcast, theyll be happy to share it. Since user intent is more important than the keyword itself, Google will reward you with more search volume, as long as your content is helpful. For example, lets say the long-tail keyword youre targeting is.: Weight loss guides for beginners. As you write and publish detailed long-form articles, youll gradually start showing up in Google for related long-tail search terms, such as.: Best weight loss guides for beginners. Beginners weight loss guides. Free weight loss guides for beginners. Download weight loss guides. And so on. So, to reiterate: When you start ranking for several related long-tail key terms, your search traffic will increase.
Top 13 Tools For Finding Long-Tail Keywords in 2023.
This means that if you want good placement for a simple, generic search term, you're' going to face a lot of competition. That's' why, when conducting keyword research, it's' important to target lengthy, highly-specific keywords - these are known as long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are usually well-thought-out queries in the form of questions, phrases, and sentences. Theyre typically three or more words long. The term long-tail refers to the long tail of a searchs demand curve. As queries around a topic become more specific, the search volume decreases while the likelihood of conversion increases. This creates a skewed distribution, as illustrated below.: Long-tail keywords are especially valuable in retail because their high specificity indicates high purchase intent. Also, it's' much easier to rank for long-tail keywords versus their more general counterparts, as long-tail keywords comprise 92 of all keywords typed into search engines. Many marketers use Google Keyword Planner to get ideas, but this tool is limited in that it refers more directly to paid search data. There are plenty of other long-tail keyword tools that you can use for uncovering opportunities to rank in organic search.
Long-tail Keywords: What They Are and How to Get Search Traffic From Them.
Hopefully, this article will help you fine-tune your SEO strategy and accelerate the growth of search traffic to your website. If you have any further questions, feel free to ping me on Twitter. Monthly traffic 5,729., Linking websites 2,156., Data from Content Explorer. Get the week's' best marketing content. Leave this field empty if you're' human.: Tim is the CMO at Ahrefs. But most importantly hes the biggest fanboy and the truest evangelist of the company. Short-tail Keywords: Whats the Difference? Long-tail keywords are not so popular among searchers but very popular among SEOs. Here's' how to make sense of it all. The 5 Best Long-tail Keyword Generator Tools. Learn how to use keyword tools to find long-tail keywords that are actually worth targeting. Branded Search vs. Non-Branded Search: Whats the Difference? SEO isn't' always about attracting strangers to a site. Some look specifically for certain brands/products. Here's' how to prepare for that. Keyword Search Volume: 5 Things You Need to Know to Avoid SEO Mistakes. Search volume is frequently used in SEO. But taking it at face value can lead to poor marketing decisions. 4 Ways to Find Untapped Keyword Ideas With Great Traffic Potential.
How To Find Long Tail Keywords To Help Increase Your Ranking.
Digital Marketing Mentoring. Get Weekly Marketing Tips. Request My Free Review. SEO Training Guide. How To Find Long Tail Keywords to Increase Your Websites Visibility. How To Find Long Tail Keywords to Increase Your Websites Visibility. Long tail keywords are specific keywords that are often three or four words long. Discover how to find and use long tail keywords in our guide. Our SEO guide is here to help you implement a fantastic SEO strategy and drive more traffic to your website. In this chapter, we explain how to find long tail keywords and why they are so important for your ranking and website visibility. What are Long Tail Keywords? Lets look at the difference between long tail keywords and short tail keywords. The word iphone is an example of a short tail keyword.
Long-Tail Keywords: What They Really Are How to Use Them.
In addition to optimizing for a few more keyphrases, you might uncover more topics to include your content. Go to the Search Results tab in Google Search Console. Set the period to last 30 days. Add a URL filter for a specific page. Export all keywords to a spreadsheet. Filter ranking positions to show values less than 20. Filter impressions to show a value less than 10. To be clear, the above set of rules will give you a list of long-tail keyword phrases. However, I ignore the last step because I want to see all search terms ranking on the first two pages, not just the low-volume queries. We want to maximize traffic, so it doesnt make sense to ignore terms in the sweet spot of low difficulty and higher volume. How to use long-tail keywords.

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